Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby Photo Project "Harrison"

Two years ago, I photographed Michael and Jennifer's wedding...and two months ago, they had a baby, a little boy named Harrison. I put out a call recently to all of my Facebook friends, and asked if anyone out there was interested in having baby photos done, for free*. I am wondering if it's something that I will be good at, and whether I should explore it. No harm in trying, right? So here's my favorites from the first Baby Photo Project session.

* "Free" photos...I come to your house...I photograph pretty much what I want for about an hour...if you like the photos you can have a CD and printed contact sheet for $150. If you like just one or two, you can buy a print from the site I post the edits on. Simple! I get experience, you get entertained, and maybe you even get some photos of your baby that you love! :)

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