Thursday, July 28, 2011

India Holga Photos: Spring 2011

The trip to India this winter/spring was 3 months long. I brought 2 Holga cameras and about 125 rolls of film. It is NOT easy to bring film thru airports, especially this much.

The days in India were 100 good for storing film.

I had to lug it all BACK with me.

At the end of the trip, I decided "That's it. No more Holgas to India". I processed my exposed film (I only shot about 7 or 8 rolls) and when they came back at the end of April, I completely ignored them.

I was feeling a little resentful that they were (indirectly) the cause of so much airport strife, took up valuable space in my luggage, and hadn't even really been used. What a waste of time, I thought.

And so it took me until just the other day to scan the negatives in.

And now I am in love again.

And I want to keep shooting holgas.

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