Thursday, September 10, 2015

What you don't know about weddings...but probably should

After 15 years of wedding photography, there's a few things I can count on...every time.  Planning a wedding can sometimes seem many options, so far in the future, so many unknowns.  Some details can be overwhelming, or simply seem mundane, but in the end they really can matter.

Girls...wear flats or wedges on grass. Seriously. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen girls sink into the grass, or struggle to hold themselves up by balancing on the ball of their feet.  Besides, as soon as the formals are over you're going to either be barefoot or slip into flip flops, right?  Why not choose sensible (but cute) shoes instead??
What the heck is a boutonniere and how do I put it on without drawing blood?  Guys will generally bow to tradition and don a boutonniere...basically, flowers on a stick.  Attached with really LONG, sharp pins.  They go on the left side, and the pins need to be on the back of the lapel, an "x" pattern works well.  I've gotten very good at this over the years, and am often putting the camera down to re-pin all of the guys when the first attempt fails.
Timing is everything...or: Why your reception site is bonkers about the schedule!  Cooking for 100 to 200 guests is a culinary challenge.  EVERY minute matters.  When things are running late, that will impact dinner...big time.  Cakes are cut at certain time (usually after salad) because they then need to go back into the kitchen to be prepped in time for...dessert! SO, when your reception site gives you a timeline, and you scratch your head and wonder about it all, just trust that they know what they're doing and nod your head and smile. 
Aisle Runners.  JUST SAY NO!  They are unsafe.  I have never seen an aisle runner pulled off without a hitch...and sometimes that hitch has been a guest or videographer going down- HARD.  Look, it's a nice idea.  Sort of.  But the reality is it makes things very unsafe.  EVEN if it's placed over a carpet.  Think about it this way: you're already compromising yourself and your bridal party by wearing long dresses (how often do we do this in reality?) paired with high heels.  Even if you don't take a digger, it will get pulled in all the wrong directions and look awful for the duration of your ceremony because no one's ballsy enough to get out of their seat to fix it, right?  Right.  If I can find the photo series I have of the videographer going down, I'll post it.  It's phenomenal!
Most bridal gowns have a secret carrying loop! Underneath the train, most gowns have a secure loop that the bride can hold or slip over her wrist to keep the train off the ground or floor.  In theory, the bridesmaids are supposed to help carry this, but in reality I don't see it happen much (no one's fault, we're just sometimes not all in the same place...). It looks like one of the tie-pieces (for putting up the train), but it's not.
Bring scissors!!! This is the NUMBER ONE thing that bridesmaids/brides find they are in need of when they're getting ready.  All those price tags, dress hanger straps, etc...they need to go!  And I have yet to meet anyone daring enough to rip that tag out of the brides new veil.  Bring scissors.  (Just don't run with them.)
Flowers are held at your bellybutton. Walk slowly.  Look straight ahead. Holding your flowers up at your neckline because you're nervous is not helpful.  In the photos, you're covering your dress neckline, and your arms are too high.  It's awkward, and it screams "don't look at me!"  Relax.  Hold flowers in both hands.  Drop hands to about bellybutton level.  Look up.  Walk slowly...and if you're smiling you get a gold star!

Limos aren't necessary...but guest buses are.  To keep you friends and relatives safe, it's a really good idea to provide transportation to the hotel afterwards.  I know for a fact that undercover policemen dressed as guests are in attendance at certain reception venues, and they are watching the alcohol consumption carefully.

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