Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Other Andrew

The "Other Andrew"

Something really funny happened at last nights wedding.  My assistant and I got to the hotel super early, and the guys weren't there yet.  I told Tim to be on the lookout for our groom, Andrew, in the lobby.  I set off to photograph the girls.

A short time later, I walk out to the lobby to see if the guys had arrived.  Sure enough, Tim is busily arranging a large group of groomsmen for photos.  I had met Andrew personally, but it had been awhile, and when he walked up to me and introduced himself, I thought that was odd.  We HAD already met, even if it was months ago.  

I politely greeted him, and to buy myself a little time, I then asked if I could take the rings to do some detail shots.  He said his mom, Debbie, had them.  I was a little confused by this, because I'd just been talking to Debbie and she was adamant, the guys definitely had the rings.  

Then I looked a little harder at the overall size of the group Tim is photographing.  There's too many guys to make sense...our wedding party is much smaller.  So I pull Tim aside, and whisper in his ear "I think we have the wrong group.  He said his name is Andrew?"  Yes.  Hmmmm.

As another way to buy myself time, I asked about the flowers, and whether they had arrived.  At this point, a bridesmaid come over and said they were all in the room on the 3rd floor, where I had just been- hadn't I seen them?   Noooo, my girls were on the 1st floor, and they had no flowers yet.  Another confusing moment.  

At this point, I made my way back to the girls room, and told them about the guys.  I told them I suspected we had the wrong Andrew, and would someone that knew him better than I please go out to the lobby to see for themselves.  She came right back, laughing.  Definitely the wrong group of guys!  NOT our Andrew.

Both grooms are named Andrew.
Both have beards.
Both grooms MOMS are named Debbie.
Bridesmaids dresses were very similar color.
Weddings were both at same hotel and reception venue, at the same time.

Amazing.  This will give them a story to laugh about for awhile!  

This morning I did a quick edit and emailed some photos to The Other Andrew.  :)

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