Sunday, November 13, 2016

What does "Editing" mean...really? Focus on WHITE BALANCE

After a wedding has been photographed, I come home and edit thousands of images.  Most weddings end up with between 1,000 and 1,400 images...and I edit EVERY single one.  Or at least look at them individually to determine what changes I'd like to make.  A few things I will always correct: White balance, exposure, contrast, straighten out horizon lines, crop as needed (I prefer to crop as I shoot), and mini photoshop makeovers.  This blog post shows a few examples for white balance changes.

Churches can be tricky...sometimes I'm not allowed to use flash.  I always die a little inside when they tell me that, because I know I'll be stuck with an image like the one...BELOW.  During this ceremony, I triggered my QFlash 3 times, not too much to be a distraction, but enough to capture pivotal moments.  

Available light image.  It will do the job, and I can make a few adjustments to get it just right...but the photo above is more what I had in mind.

Original image...needs a little help in the computer. Room lights have given it a color cast, and it was underexposed a little, as well.  

The exposure was a little under, and the white balance is off.  I changed both.

Original white balance...yellow.  True to lights being used in the room, but NOT true to color of actual TShirt being signed by guests.  So, I change it.  A simple change, but this means I am going thru each image one by one, making these changes for you.

Ahhhhh.  I feel better already!  White balance has been changed to a more normal point.

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