Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby Photo Project "Harrison"

Two years ago, I photographed Michael and Jennifer's wedding...and two months ago, they had a baby, a little boy named Harrison. I put out a call recently to all of my Facebook friends, and asked if anyone out there was interested in having baby photos done, for free*. I am wondering if it's something that I will be good at, and whether I should explore it. No harm in trying, right? So here's my favorites from the first Baby Photo Project session.

* "Free" photos...I come to your house...I photograph pretty much what I want for about an hour...if you like the photos you can have a CD and printed contact sheet for $150. If you like just one or two, you can buy a print from the site I post the edits on. Simple! I get experience, you get entertained, and maybe you even get some photos of your baby that you love! :)

2010's weddings!

In 2010, I photographed 25 weddings. I usually pick my favorite 10 to 12 images from each wedding and dedicate an entire blog entry to it. But seeing as I just started this blog this morning (specifically for weddings and professional shooting), instead I made a quick summary of the whole year, cropped to squares. Why squares? After all, they weren't shot that way...right? Right. But when I went to make contact sheets of my favorites, the horizontals took up way too much room and you could barely see the verticals. SO, I evened them out! Enjoy the year in review. From this point on, I will go back to one blog entry per event. :)

The line has been drawn

It's time.
It's time to separate my personal blog from my wedding and other photography. I have been mixing up the professional shoots with personal stories, and it's time to stop.
THIS blog will be just for weddings, engagement shoots, corporate work that excites me, and other things that rate as "professional" work.
So there. You'll have to go to the other blog to be entertained, but hopefuly this one will impress!