Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Gentle Reminder: Walking down the aisle Do's and Don'ts

As I'm editing a wedding today, I'm driven to share a couple of suggestions when it comes to bridal parties.  This is SO important, yet so simple.


1.  SMILE :)
2.  DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR FEET...look straight down to the end of the aisle
3.  HOLD FLOWERS AT BELLYBUTTON, do not cover your chest/neckline with them
4.  WALK SLOWLY AND GRACEFULLY, as if no one was watching (never mind that everyone IS)
5.  SHOULDERS BACK, no slouching because you're trying to be invisible
6.  And, if walking on grass, find the out IN ADVANCE and do NOT wear high heels.  Seriously! This is most often the cause for the lack of a smile AND the looking down.  I know!  You're petrified that you'll trip in front of all those people.


1.  GET ALL THAT STUFF out of your front pockets
2.  SMILE :)

Photographically, having someone walking straight towards you (usually at a pretty good clip) is one of the bigger challenges of the day.  I have to constantly re-focus, and also adjust exposure as you walk through different areas of lighting.  I shoot a series of these images, but if you're looking down in all of them, or you blink, then the whole series may be a bust.  I cannot re-do this series.

I won't post images to go with this, as I don't want to embarrass anyone.  But you can imagine what I'm trying to say, right?  Right!  Now, get rid of all that crap in your pockets, smile, and walk slowly towards me...