Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding August 9th 2013: Kellie and Nick

Kellie and Nick knew just what they outdoor wedding, just them, her two children, me, and the JP.  That was it!  Rain or shine, at Buffumville Dam in Charlton.  Of course, the day in question arrived and we had lots of rain and some wind.  This did not deter them ONE bit...Nick rode in on his Harley and Kellie arrived by car with the kids.  The skies eased up a bit, and then by the end we even saw little bits of blue sky. 

Wedding August 3rd 2013: Christine and Allen

Christine and Allen were married August 3rd on Cape Cod.  It was a rainy, cold, and cloudy day at first...with lots of wind!  As Christine walked out onto the grass with her father, the sun came out!  And STAYED out!  What a day. 

Wedding: June 28th 2013, Maine

This wedding, from back in June, was photographed for George Street Photography.  I can't include names in my blog, but it was a great wedding up in York, Maine.  This is the first bride I've had that changed dresses (to a $20 version) and waded right into the ocean.  Fun!

Instead of flowers, she threw a rubber chicken!

Their dog was the ringbearer.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding July 21: Liliet and Harry

Lily and Harry were married in Lancaster on July Lily said when I arrived "Welcome to my big fat Cuban wedding!"  It was a lot of fun, Lily and Harry are a great couple.